6 Classic Contemporary Home Interior Design

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Classic home interior
Classic home interior design by Michael Lauw. (doc. Arsitag.com)

Classic home is synonymous with old-fashioned impression and straightforward traditional style. The famous house is very likely to return during a manner that’s not out of date. The classic home interior design in Malang has become an example.

Through slightly of luxury and elegance, the designer, Michael Lauw Studio, carries the style of architecture of the American Classic, which is understood for its luxury and elegance.

Adjusting the newest tastes, Michael Lauw, as an architect, gives a more modern and contemporary touch to that. Inspect the summary of up to date home interior design as summarized within the following Arsitag.

American Classic Style

American Classic style house
American Classic style house by Michael Lauw. (doc. Arsitag.com)

American Classic is understood as a relaxed style, doesn’t use too many carvings, uses large furniture, simple details, and is identical with calm and soft colours.

American Classic may be a variation of the ECU artistic style but is more flexible and more comfortable to take care of. This is often the attraction of some people that plan to apply it to their homes.

Use of Natural Materials

All-white living room with a classic touch
All-white living room with a classic touch by Michael Lauw. (doc. Arsitag.com)

Characteristic of yank Classic style interior design is often seen from the utilization of natural materials within the sort of marble because of the floor of the house. The whole residential storey uses sculpture with similar motifs and hues for a natural and cosy impression.

Marble is legendary as a natural material that’s cold, strong and has a chic appearance. Not surprisingly, the marble material is superb during this residence.

Super Large Furniture

Magnificent classic-style dining room
Magnificent classic-style dining room by Michael Lauw. (doc. Arsitag.com)

Unlike the minimalist or Scandinavian style that appears more at function and tends to possess compact furniture sizes, the American Classic style carries a unique concept. The classic home interior design emphasizes furniture that’s larger or quite the quality size aimed toward increasing the impression of luxury.

This can be seen within the selection of tables, chairs, until the chandelier in several rooms. All furniture choices have a bigger size than usual and are useful in giving the impression of luxury without forgetting the first function.

Soft Color Palette

A classic style bedroom
A classic style bedroom using Michael Lauw’s pastel colours. (doc. Arsitag.com)

The entire room during this residence features a similar pale colour palette and is within the same gradation of tone. The dominant colours are white and beige, with the addition of warm chocolate to wood furniture.

slightly of Gold

The touch of gold color reinforces the impression of a classic and luxurious
The touch of gold colour reinforces the impression of a classic and luxurious, a work by Michael Lauw. (doc. Arsitag.com)

In addition to the utilization of artificial colours earlier, the architect added somewhat of exquisite colours, namely Gold. Gold accents are presented repeatedly in several residential areas, from the bedroom, front room, to the toilet.

This golden colour is presented in subtle or subtle, as on the table legs, lampposts, and mirror frames within the bathroom. Carefully, gold accents can give a specified luxury appearance.

Wallpaper Decoration

Decorative flower wallpapers for a classic touch in the bathroom
Decorative flower wallpapers for a classic touch in the bathroom by Michael Lauw. (doc. Arsitag.com)

Although not an excessive amount of use of decoration, every element that’s within the residential also as beautifying the inside design, for instance within the selection of wallpaper motifs. The wallpaper used features a soft colour, so it can blend with the space furniture without looking too prominent.

Also, the theme of wallpaper has in common, namely nature within the sort of images of leaves, flowers and birds. The mixture of all the weather then produces a classic-style residence that’s luxurious, elegant and cosy to measure in.

Gentle and meticulous, a classic feel is presented consistently altogether parts of the house, from the choice of furniture, accessories, to colour and wall decor.

The use of matching colours altogether parts of the house forms continuity that unites each element—showing a classic design that’s calm, not merely memorable excessively.

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