5 secret tricks to juggle dark room so brighter

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Bright space ilustration
Bright space ilustration (Photo by Jens Behrmann/Unsplash)

If the room is already designed with dark shades, you can make it brighter without having to repaint the space wall.

Zoom the white element

White Accent elements can create a more cheerful aura of space. This is because the white color gives the color balance to the area. Also, White will create a full space illusion when the space feels narrow.

Do not have to repaint the wall with white color; white elements can be presented through some large furniture accompanied by small decorations. If the White is felt dull, combine the white color with other bright colors such as yellow or light brown.

Use Bright Color Wallcoverings

Another way you can do is to use removable wall coatings. This trick is suitable for those of you who are renting a residence, whether it’s a house or an apartment, and the walls of the dwelling cannot be repainted.

The wallpaper selection should be considered. The youthful colors are suitable for creating a broader sense of space. If you want to use patterned wallpaper, choose a pattern color combination dominated by dark color schemes.

Do not use thick curtains

Dark space Illustration
Dark space Illustration (Photo by Alex Sawyer/Unsplash)

Curtains do serve to protect you from excess sunlight and provide privacy. However, in such cases, the presence of thick curtains and too much is precisely making the room even darker.

Gradually, the room affects your psychological condition and becomes unpassionate about doing everything.

Do not use curtains with blackout models a.k.a. Curtains that can drive sunlight in total. Use the curtain model sheer or invisibility. At the same time, sunlight can still illuminate the room and provide privacy.

Utilize plants in the space

The green color of plants has always been an idol many people because it gives eye freshness when viewing it. This also applies to your darkroom. By placing some greenery, the color will contrast with the wall color so that the room looks brighter.

Not only useful as a living room alone, choose a plant in a space that can clear the air as well.

Add a mirror

In addition to making the room look more spacious, mirrors can also reflect light from the outdoors through the window. For the mirror, a function can work more maximally in a dark room, plug it on the wall opposite the window. This trick will make direct sunlight bounce to the mirror.

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