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16 DIY Toilet Paper Storage Ideas For Your Lovely Bathroom

Get Creative With DIY Toilet Paper Storage Ideas
Do you have a special bathroom for your toilet? Or perhaps a small space that’s too small for a sink and bath? While you could buy a storage cabinet for that small bathroom, why not get creative and use what you already have in the bathroom?

This might be especially useful if you have a large bathroom. If you can’t find a place to put your bathtub or toilet paper storage, you may be looking at buying more space. By getting creative with your accessories, you could save space and at the same time provide a useful space to store those items.

Magazine Holder for toilet paper

One of the most popular ways to find a place to put your toilet paper is through the cupboard under the sink. If you have the space, you may wish to check out what the sizes are before buying the cupboard. Some places do not allow larger than two-liter plastic bottles, so the size of the bottle should match the size of the container you want to put the toilet paper in.

Or, if you don’t have the space for a cabinet, you may want to look into getting a small cabinet for your kitchen pantry. A small cabinet will allow you to fit the essentials – like toilet paper, pads, scented body wash, hand soap, although you should still use your best judgment when selecting the size of the cabinet. It should be large enough to allow you to move it around to get an adequate amount of space to place it in the right spot. When you’re choosing which style to choose, consider the level of storage you need and how many you’ll need.

Another great option is a shelf utility unit. These units are a lot more compact than other types of shelves and containers. They are also made from a special molding material that will allow you to create special spaces for things like bathroom accessories, and even items that can fit into the bottom of the unit. If you have a little bit of space, you may be able to make one that includes a slot for the large roll of toilet paper towels.

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Using your existing cabinets can be just as effective as using a countertop in your bathroom for toilet paper storage. You don’t have to purchase anything at all to install these units, or anything for that matter. Just select the size and shape that will fit into the room you have available. If you have an extra shelf, you may be able to put a section of it next to the wall or even into the wall if you have one.

Perhaps you only have a smaller space for a drawer that can hold the basic necessities. Instead of buying a new holder, consider adding a storage space, which may be the easiest solution.

As mentioned, your toilet paper storage can be created by either a cabinet shelf, or a storage unit. You can also use a rolling paper towel rack if your space is limited.

marshmallow Roll holder_
Marshmallow Roll holder

Using different options to create a toilet paper storage for your bathroom can be very creative and cost effective, but you need to be certain that the options you choose to work with the rest of your decorating scheme. If you go with a plain design, it might look out of place, but if you go with a decorative design that matches your existing decor, it may create a special effect in your bathroom.

Look around and notice the items that you already have in your bathroom. You may already have an old pillow case that you keep in the bathroom, or perhaps a little bit of linens that you haven’t used in a while. Take these items and put them in different boxes and drawers to create special sections for your toilet paper storage.

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Having a location for your toilet paper storage is important. You can go to the basement or garage and use a closet, or you can have a hanging bin that’s attached to the wall. You may need to measure your available space before you purchase the bins or shelves to ensure that they’ll fit the area you have available to you.

Take advantage of the options you have. and make your bathroom look and feel more organized.

There’s a roller at the bottom for ease of use. The higher up mini shelf is fit for another toilet roll just in case you need more toilet paper than you expect. The top shelf is for you to put your stuffs such as watches, phone, a bucket of flower, etc. Source: Etsy

Industrial Toilet Roll Holder_

The metallic pipes with the reddish valve really gives it a strong tough feel to it. It’s not just a toilet holder. It’s a tough, sturdy and rigid toilet holder that is designed for man!

Leather-strapped Toilet Roll Holder_

wo leather straps on each end and one piece of wooden rod in between is all you need to make this simple toilet roll holder. You can adjust the length as needed to make space for more toilet rolls. Source: Arch Daily

Octopus Toilet Roll Holder

Feel the power on your throne that is blessed with the touch of the majestic Kraken! It’s quite easy to make an octopus out of a board.

Owl Toilet Roll Holder
Source: Etsy

Here’s a little owl to accompany you through the night. The eyes are actually slots for you to put in two rolls of toilet paper. The body has a holder where you can put in a single toilet roll for use.

Rustic Ladder Shelf

This rustic shelf would increase your storage space in the bathroom. It’s always a good idea to put some greens into the bathroom. Even if it’s faux plants, it would be fine because green is a color of nature

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Sheep Storage Toilet Roll Paper

This is the cutest toilet paper holder! If you buy the mega rolls, your results look like picture. Still cute. Still functional. Might bug a perfectionist.

Tic Tac Toe Toilet Roll Rack_

Why not decorate it with the design of the famous paper-and-pen game, tic-tac-toe? It’s less likely we will be playing this in the toilet with someone else while we’re taking a crap but it does look nice enough to be put onto the empty walls.

You can turn it into a shelf or in this case, a toilet roll holder. It is placed at different height so it’s accessible to both adult and children.



Skateboard Toilet Roll Holder_

You can turn it into a shelf or in this case, a toilet roll holder. It is placed at different height so it’s accessible to both adult and children.

Cloud Toilet Roll Holder_

Incorporate the elements of nature into your bathroom with this giant cloud of toilet rolls! It’s a toilet roll shelf designed to store the entire dozen of rolls that you bought from supermarket and more

Toilet Roll Stand_

The slots are precisely carved to fit a toilet roll perfectly. There’s a tiny area on top that you can put your decorative such as a flower vase.

Triangle Toilet Roll Shelf_

A nice little triangular shaped shelves adds a unique touch to your bathroom. The shelf is separated into two compartments.  A small one where you can put little ornaments such as a mini planter, clock, sculptures, and whatnot.

Drawing Model Mannequin Toilet Roll Holder_

Drawing model mannequin is typically used in art related professions to get a good idea on the body posture when drawing. Somehow, someone don’t see it as the only potential that it has.

These are just some ideas to help you have your DIY Toilet Paper Storage Ideas For Your Lovely Bathroom. You can add in your own concepts to add personal touche.

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