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Self-balancing mobility device with hands-free control option

As great as conventional commuting devices are; they include their own drawbacks. Traffic congestion and carbon monoxide top the list and authorities all around the world are trying to find ways to overcome these challenges. For many, rethinking personal freedom and cruising especially in urban centers is the only sustainable alternative.

Through time, there have been many personal mobility devices which have threatened to revolutionize personal transportation. But, Omeo manufacturers believe it is a first of its kind device. According to them, Omeo is’the sole personal mobility device that completely integrates a distinctive Active Seat Control system using the best of self-balancing technology. ‘

Design and features

Omeo is a potent two-wheeled self-balancing commuting device that’s perfectly optimized to glide smoothly on both smooth and uneven terrains. This is due to the device’s unique self-balancing platform. The platform does an superb job of maintaining drivers level in their chair while ensuring Omeo does not tilt even while browsing troughs or climbing inclines.

This self-balancing ability makes Omeo a excellent selection for a wide assortment of terrains including shores, paths trails, and woods; terrains other personal mobility devices may find hard to navigate.

Compact enough to take you everywhere

Omeo comes as a standard setup that is capable of fitting through doors and other tiny spaces. Rest assured, you would have no problem looking for a parking area for your device. If you will need to better equip Omeo for harder terrains, you can switch to the extra off-road kit which permits you to go virtually everywhere. With a variety of up to 50km (31 miles), the Omeo is fantastic for those busy times.

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Multiple riding modes

The driver has the choice of selecting between multiple riding modes which are activated by one lever.


If you opt for the joystick style , you will control the forward and backward movement by shifting your body weight to the corresponding direction. Sideways moves, on the other hand, are controlled by altering the joystick to the desired direction.

Seat Control And Handgrips

The forward and back motion is exactly the same as in Joystick manner, but the chair is unlocked, you can control the direction by shifting your weight to the right and left. Hold the handgrips for more grip and control of your own body movements.

Active Seat Control (ASC)

As soon as you get used to the way your body is able to move the machine, with practice you can go totally hands-free.

Omeo- Electric Personal Vehicle
Luke enjoying his Omeo ride- omeotechnology.com

Other important features

Dual electrical systems which cater for accidents and also alert you when battery level runs empty
Ability to flip on its axis, greatly enhancing maneuverability and motion through tight spaces
Built-in LED light and reflectors at both the front and back

High-density polyethylene body which facilitates easy cleaning, and imparts much-needed durability and impact-resistance
cushioned seat and footplate peaks
Storage compartment that accommodates a fair amount of load

Pricing info

Updated 16th March, 2021: The Omeo is currently available in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Europe, Scandinavia, USA and Canada. You’ll require a good amount of training before you are able to safely drive and revel in the Omeo. The manufacturers advise that prospective buyers must give the apparatus a trial before purchasing one. Omeo has committed agents that arrange trials for buyers and explain them with the reservation procedure. You can go to this link to get an agent near you.