The entire Eidolon ebike weighs just 19 kg Ryuger Bikes
"Acid Avocado" production paint job l Ryuger

Ryuger goes to production with its outrageous Eidolon carbon ebike

Western Australian firm Ryuger Bikes has declared one of the very photographed ebike designs of the year in the 2021 Eidolon BR-RTS. Named for an idealized form, or a specter, the Eidolon is a super-aerodynamic carbon monocoque ebike which resembles a road racer but is really a full-suspension commuter with some mild off-road ambitions.

Just examine the thing. The Eidolon features carbon fiber from stem to stern, including an obscene aerodynamic blade fork, complete carbon drop handlebar, carbon swingarm and a droolworthy set of carbon rims. There’s a tiny three-liter watertight”tank” compartment behind the headstem to carry your keys and phone in, also.

The motor is by Shimano — it is the Measures e8000 system, which will be restricted to 250-W and 25 km/h (15.5 miles ) as mandated by draconian European and Australian ebike regulations. It is a lightweight and reasonably punchy unit offering a peak torque of 70 Nm (52 lb-ft) with cadence sensing and three degrees of pedal assist. Presumably the battery’s in the downtube, it is rated for a middle-of-the-road 504 Wh.

The Ryuger team isn’t messing around with braking; this item will find a twin-disc hydraulic setup at the front. This was originally going to be an off-the-shelf setup, but COVID supply chain problems have pushed Ryuger to develop its own system.

The entire Eidolon ebike weighs just 19 kg Ryuger Bikes
The entire Eidolon ebike weighs just 19 kg  Ryuger Bikes

The Eidolon’s slick frame is constructed using a”revolutionary” production process which eliminates bladder bags and pre-formers in the carbon fiber manufacturing process, and Ryuger says this leads to a shape that utilizes less carbon, while increasing strength. Jolly good, then.

Incidentally, it is setup to take either a set of 29-inch street rims, or some 26-inch 630 fat rims”for sand or snow,” and while it does not exactly look like it is built for off-roading, you will find Cane Creek DB Coil shocks at either end, sprung for the bike’s weight, offering a fully-adjustable suspension set for the two wheels. And speaking of weight, all that carbon does pay dividends in the scales. The whole bike weighs in at only 19 kg (42 lb) — not bad for a fully loaded ebike.

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Ryuger claims that the Eidolon is in production today, with”acid avocado” and”space racing” color schemes available. We do not have any advice on cost, but you can make some assumptions about the number of arms, kidneys and legs you may need to hock given all that beautiful carbon work.

Source: Ryuger Bikes via EVNerds