Nissan's 'office pod' imagines a new kind of remote working

Nissan’s’office pod’ Supposes a new kind of remote working

Forget working from home — this camper van is for those who want to”work from anywhere.”

Inspired by the new realities of the Covid-19 era, Nissan’s concept vehicle features a retractable office for remote employees and digital nomads. Dubbed Office Pod Concept, the mobile workspace comes with a modified Cosm seat by US furniture-maker Herman Miller, and desk area large enough for a large computer screen.

Those looking for privacy may set up within the pod with the doors closed. Ambient lighting provides the office a futuristic feel, while electrical sunglasses help deter prying eyes.

However, with the tap of an app, the pod extends out the back in a matter of seconds (as shown in a promotional movie ), and the trunk door becomes a cover for the al-fresco office. The vehicle’s rooftop also doubles up as a space to relax under a parasol.

The concept vehicle is a modified version of Nissan’s NV350 Caravan, which hit the market in 2012 and currently retails in Japan from 2.3 million to 4 million yen ($22,000 to $38,000).

The rooftop space can be accessed from inside the vehicle. Credit: Nissan
The rooftop space can be accessed from inside the vehicle. Credit: Nissan

It was made for this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, though — with Japan’s capital currently in a state of crisis amid surging Covid-19 cases — the unveiling was staged virtually.

Other features include a glove box fitted with a”UV antibacterial lamp,” which Nissan stated can purge personal items like phones and wallets. Elsewhere, a floor made from transparent polycarbonate allows you to see what’s happening beneath the vehicle.
“For the last year, (the) coronavirus pandemic has significantly accelerated the work-from-home trend and lots of office workers are now using a variety of problems working home,” Nissan clarified in media materials shared with CNN. “Nissan would like to solve these issues by providing those employees more choice of where and how they work.”

While Nissan has no plans to market the plan on the mass market, the carmaker said it’s considering making some of the individual altered parts available to customers.
For the time being, outdoor enthusiasts may have settle for the NV350″Multi Bed,” a simpler version of the Nissan camper which includes a foldable table and retractable tarpaulin that extends out of the trunk to make a small covered outdoor area.

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Source: Nissan Global ,CNN