DryCycle - Commuter Vehicle

DryCycle-Fully enclosed electrically assisted pedal cycle

Riding a bicycle is excellent for people that want to make a much healthier approach to sail. In addition, it is great if you would like to lessen your effect on the surroundings. Among the simplest ways to foil this notion would be to put in a little bit of inclement weather. Fortunately, DryCycle has produced an e-bike which allows you ride on these wet, wet, and chilly days. This four-wheeled, fully enclosed, motor-assisted bicycle enables you to get to where you want to go at any type of weather.

Let us talk body

The bicycle was crash tested. According to DryCycle, the results suggest a very low risk of having a head injury if there be a head-on crash. For in and outside of this DryCycle, riders can easily raise or reduce the poly-carbonate canopy. This attribute will help to bridge the difference between riding your bicycle or needing to push your vehicle on wet and chilly days.

The specs

The DryCycle is designed to permit riders to easily move their car without needing to be concerned about precipitation or weather, but what makes it function? As you pedal, you’re aided with a 250-watt Shimano Measures E8000 motor. This engine can enable the riders reach an electric-assisted rate of approximately 15.5 mph. With its double 500-Wh (1kWh complete ) Shimano batteries, the DryCycle can travel around 50 miles on a single charge.

To power the light system and other electronic equipment across the automobile, another 870-Wh battery can be used to power such auxiliary systems. The changing system, additionally powered by Shimano, permits you to change between 11 different gears. Parking is possible using all the DyrCycle thanks to this opposite gear, making it effortless to pedal the bicycle backward. The whole automobile weighs approximately 265 pounds, which also appears to be the greatest payload for riders and freight.

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Other Capabilities

The DryCycle is rounded out with a ton of features to create this motor-assisted bicycle feel much more like a fully working automobile. The DryCycle is built with both rear and front suspension, sidestick-style steering, and hydraulic disc brakes to get a quieter ride. Riders enter the cottage during the remote-operated digital cockpit lock.

The Way to Receive your personal DryCycle

The simplest way to obtain your personal DryCycle is via the Website . The entire cost for a DryCycle is 14,995 (approximately USD 21,000) also delivery and options.