COMPACT HANGER: The World's most Space-Saving hanger

Compact Hanger-Space-saving hanger with adjustable hook

The normal wardrobe story is the same for virtually everyone- plenty of clothing to hang and too little space for everything else. However, if we look closely, we’ll observe that there is a good deal of room between the upper part of the wardrobe and the clothing rack. This distance is produced by the geometry of traditional hangers. Thus, what you need may not always be a larger wardrobe, but a space-saving hanger which may enable you to maximize the available space. What you need is your Compact Hanger.

Design and attributes

The Compact Hanger places clothing up and lowers the distance between the clothes and pub. Consequently, there’s much more space beneath. The additional space can be useful for storing accessories, boxes, shoes, T-shirts, pillows, and any item that will usually lie around your area.

Adjustable hanging span

The traditional design fails to take the varying collar dimensions of unique dresses into account. While it might be suitable for a jacket, it is unnecessary to get a T-shirt or jeans. All you need to do is press a button and pull the hook. Beyond optimizing space, the Compact Hanger’s flexible hook makes it ideal for all types of clothing, make it a pullover or a t-shirt.

A blend of aesthetics and functionality

Compact Hanger’s design doesn’t compromise aesthetics for functionality. The manufacturers are engineers having an eye for a beautiful layout, and it is hard to overlook the hanger’s trademark Italian design.

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Ergonomic Form

According to the manufacturers, 5 of the greatest figurines in the Italian clothing market were carefully studied before they created the final design for its Compact Hanger. The result is a practical and ergonomic hanger that is simple to handle and use.


Strong and recyclable

Compact Hanger includes two reinforcing flaps which make it extra resistant and durable. The durability ensures you will not be disposing of your own hangers anytime soon, further reducing ecological effect.

Reversible direction

The space-saving hanger has three holes in front and behind. Thus, you can eliminate the hook and then fix it from the opposite direction. The asymmetry makes it simpler to hang your clothing in an orderly manner.

Pricing information

The Kickstarter effort has created over $17,000 out of 237 backers with 21 days to go. Visit the campaign page to have a look at the available pledges and benefits.