Claw 2.0 is a nifty little multitool to help you slash boxes, pop bottles, turn hexes and pry tough fixtures.

Claw 2.0-Perfect little multitool for travelers

The Claw 2.0 Multitool is really on its way to completing a successful form of funding on Kickstarter, and it is easy to see why this tiny instrument packs quite the punch when it comes to utility. These TSA secure multitools are developed for the ease of travelers. Born in London, England, the Claw 2.0 has lots of features to make sure users get plenty of performance from their own tool.

Currently offering lifetime guarantees for Kickstarter backers, the Claw is designed to readily be hauled with you where you need to go. Besides its other functions, this multitool also functions as a flat-head screwdriver. As their Kickstarter page shows, this may be especially helpful for traveling photographers that might want to put their equipment on rigs and tripods.

Why is the Claw 2.0 convenient for traveling?

Marlboro and Kane put just as much consideration in the finer details of the multitool since they did to its own functionality. To make sure that customers wouldn’t be subjected to sharp corners or edges, the Claw 2.0 is made out of a curved tip, which means no accidental nicks if you are storing it in your own pocket. It’s also equipped with an ergonomic finger ridge. This allows users to apply the most amount of force at the suitable incline, offering an optimal amount of comfort and performance.

This gives users with choices for compatibility with their current hex driver applications. Users may select either one of those hexes to feed by using their keyring, maintaining the one they use more often clear and free.

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What is the Claw 2.0 made from?

The Claw 2.0 Multitool could be constructed with one of two materials. The titanium tool is brushed and the gold steel is polished. The Claw 2.0 is designed for usefulness, functionality, and also to be incredibly small.

Marlboro and Kane wished to make a tool which attaches seamlessly to the things that their customers are already carrying around. The head on the Claw 2.0 makes it very easy to connect to a own pocket, bag, purse, or keys.

Availability and pricing

The Claw 2.0 Multitool is currently a part of a powerful Kickstarter campaign that’s already raised over $58,000. With about forty days left in the campaign, the Kickstarter webpage is presently the ideal way to secure your Claw 2.0. For approximately $25, those interested can purchase their own Claw 2.0 in stainless steel and with free global delivery. Those interested in purchasing the Claw 2.0 in bulk can buy a twelve-pack for $179 with free international shipping along with a lifetime guarantee. Here to Buy