AutoBot VXmax: Your New Deep-Clean Daily Essential
AutoBot VXmax: Your New Deep-Clean Daily Essential

AutoBot VXmax-High-Performance Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re looking for a high-powered cleaning device that can be utilised in all areas of your home, you should try out the AutoBot VXmax. This state of the art vacuum is cordless and is designed to help save you time and money!

Cordless and convenient clean

AutoBot VXmax employs the best technology in their vacuum. This way you can clean your house faster and better. Overall, this is a highly convenient device that may be run cordless. And, since it can be held in your hand, and carried easily, you can get to multiple areas of your house without feeling exhausted!

Lightweight and powerful

Most vacuum cleaners are tight and hard to lug around. Fortunately, the AutoBot VXmax sports a sleek and lightweight design which makes it easy to clean. You can vacuum any part of your house with ease. And, you’ll have a lot of power to speed up the cleaning process and clean thoroughly.

VXmax boasts 20,000 PA suction power. Additionally, it has a powerful motor which facilitates higher speed cleaning. In addition, this device, once charged, can go cordless for up to 45 minutes of cleaning!

Can tackle any surface

AutoBot VXmax may be used on all surfaces and can suck up any sort of dirt or mess. You can use this product on drapes, carpets, hardwood floors, and even leather. You can also suck pet fur and other types of debris!

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Has multiple attachments

In addition, multiple attachments come with this item. So, you get a truly versatile clean with the VXmax. This includes handheld attachments, attachments for floor cleaning, and attachments for car details.

Reaching certain nooks and crannies in your home can be a hassle. Its small structure and thin attachments can reach into narrow gaps and other problem areas in your house!

Can be used to wash your car

In fact, this versatile device can also be used to wash your car. The removable attachments of the VXmax make it easy to get in between the pillow in your car seats. It is also possible to clean up other areas of your car. Including vents, the interior, as well as the carpeting of your vehicle.

Smart chip technology

In the end, VXmax uses a wise chip to avoid overheating, clogging, and any overloading of your device. This way you get the best clean potential in your residence!

Availability and cost of the AutoBot VXmax

AutoBot VXmax is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. You can pledge now and get this cleaning device in 39% off, for only $US139. Here’s a secret perk link for interested buyers.