Auron Smart Self-Cleaning Water Bottle with UV-C Light Purification System

The Auron self-cleaning water bottle offers an option to single-use plastic water bottles. Made in Hong Kong, this water bottle claims to remove 99.9% of bacteria using the energy of UV-C so that you can drink clean water where you go. Auron mentions that they can help customers enjoy pure water without spending too much money or producing a negative and lasting effect on the environment.

How do they do it?

Auron claims that the naturally powerful UV-C light purification used within their flasks can effectively eliminate virtually all germs from the drinking water. This means that they can purify water without using filters or chemicals. This advancement enables users to absorb water from any source — while camping, at the gym, or while exploring other countries. Instructions for use are relatively easy, stating that the consumer should fill up the bottle, touch the lid to activate the light, and enjoy their clean drinking water in under a minute.

Auron self-cleaning bottle uses the power of natural UV-C light to purify your water.
Auron self-cleaning bottle uses the power of natural UV-C light to purify your water.

More than just a water bottle

The Auron bottle houses much more than just water. This flask can contain water, tea, coffee, soda, as well as beer. Its double insulated walls are promised to keep your drink, whether hot or cold, temperature controlled for over 24 hours. Apart from its ability to maintain the temperature of a liquid, there are quite a few other attributes that the Auron Self-Cleaning Purifying UV-C Smart Bottle is outfitted with.

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There are many other features beyond the operation of the bottle itself. By way of instance, users are prompted to drink water with the Smart Water Reminder — an LED reminder that goes off during the day. These bottles are also claimed to be sweat and spillproof. With a battery that’s said to last for up to two weeks on a single charge, keeping up with this water bottle should not be too hard of a job.

Many other features

Not only does the Auron self-cleaning water bottle claim to purify any water to suitable drinking water in 60 seconds, but it also cleans itself in between uses. This means that users do not have to worry about the growth of mould and bacteria inside their bottle or any foul or weird smells. Essentially, the Auron Self-Cleaning Bottle is purported to kill all microbial life inside of the bottle.

How to get one?

As the crowdfunding campaign continues on Kickstarter for its Auron Self-Cleaning Water Purifying UV-C Smart Bottle, it should come as no surprise that the company has already surpassed its $US5,150 funding goal, and have increased over $US208,000 up to now. Those interested in purchasing their own can purchase one for $65. The current Kickstarter delivers a deal for people who purchase more products, such as $199 for four distinct bottles.