A stunning contemporary foyer that features an underlit glass
Angelica Henry Design_

Foyer and Entry Way Design Ideas

A foyer and entryway are often times the first thing a potential customer sees when they walk into your business. When people enter your business and are considering your prices and services, your door is the first thing they see. With this in mind, you want to make your foyer or entryway design perfect.

Creating an entrance that looks like it has more going on inside than just the door is a great way to create a focal point within your entry way. The more rooms you add, the more attention your foyer will get.

The combination of red, brown and beige foyer
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While many great entry ways have very little going on with them, some are full of living spaces and stairs. When these are used as entrance ways, they seem cold and closed in and can really work against you.

The right color scheme is vital to any interior. It should not be an over-saturated, bold shade. Dark colors can help you to give a more welcoming feel to a building.

A foyer and entry way that are warm and inviting will go along way for a business in a traditional style of interior design. They should make a business feel more alive, yet not feel too cold. A color scheme should be both friendly and inviting, while still striking a good tone for your business.

A stunning contemporary foyer that features an underlit glass
Angelica Henry Design_

An entry way should be easily seen by everyone entering your business. You want to make sure that there is no reason to enter another room. You also want to make sure that there is enough space for people to easily move through your doors without getting frustrated. This is where the help of lighting comes in.

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The lighting of your foyer and entry way should be carefully thought out. While large wall lights are a great way to create a focal point, it is important to avoid overly bright lights. Bright colors are better for your area to reflect your colors and products.

pearl wall covering is one good feature of this foyer
Cindy Ray Interiors, Inc.

Pumps, halogen, and ambient spot lights are all great choices for smaller areas. In larger areas, you can use large strip lights. Pumps and bulbs are great options as well, as they will not overwhelm your design.

The lighting of your foyer and entry way should work hand in hand with the color schemes that you choose. If you want to create a peaceful feel, you should opt for dark colored lighting. On the other hand, if you want to create a welcoming atmosphere, you can mix and match colors with brighter lights.

entry way with The vase, table sculpture, bench upholstery
Infiniti Master Builder

To make the most of your lighting options, you will want to choose a focal point. You can do this by using a nice pillar that can be used as a silhouette as well as give you the perfect lighting for your entry way. A pillar or small table can be your guide as you are choosing the right lighting and color scheme.

With your lighting and color scheme in place, you will then want to take your budget and see how much you can spend on your entry way. You may want to take this into consideration prior to the process even begins. Once you know exactly what you want, you can begin to research.


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Don’t make your entrance way look rushed or unfinished. Take your time and make sure that you find the right balance between you and your customers.


Adding vases and other decors on top of a table at the entry
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lovely painting on a stone wall creates a huge difference to the foyer’s appeal
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adding mismatched chairs to the foyer
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Unique statement to this entry way
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wall was treated with some wooden walling and a lovely abstract painting
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