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Wash, condition, comb out, squeeze out, leave in conditioner, oil, gel, sheen spray, wash hands, cross fingers there is not white residue and you don’t have to go as medusa to work today, diffuse, repeat tomorrow.  Which other naturalista’s hair routine is as or even more complicated every morning? How tedious it can be to keep these curls hydrated! Using numerous hair products hoping for just the right concoction on days you decide, ‘hey you know what, today I don’t want to look like Side Show Bob, today I want a little frizz control and some curl definition’. Most of the time I end up just throwing my hair into a messy bun and calling it a day. Lucky for us we have fellow naturalistas who understand the struggle and are on the case! 

Tamika Fletcher, co owner of Natural Resources Salon (Texas), natural hair expert, and the scientist behind the hair and skin product line Earth’s Nectar, decided it was time to give us a hair product that would be an all in one! A product that would soften, detangle, fight frizz, moisturize, condition, and style! Now that indeed sounds like a dream come true.

Check out my review below to hear how Coconut Curls fared in my hair as an all in one. Also hear my review of two other Earth’s Nectar products that I tried. 

1. Coconut Curls is Tamika’s most recent additions to the Earth’s Nectar natural hair and skin care line, and promises to be the all in one solution for the modern woman. Earth’s Nectar is committed to bringing you the most trusted and natural ingredients free of parabens, sulfates, and other stripping additives at an affordable cost. Coconut Curls is available for purchase on Earth’s Nectar’s website for $24.50 for a 1lb bottle and is a moisturizing cream enriched with almond and coconut oil. 

2. Honey Curls, a styling agent rich in citrus essential oils, cocoa and shea butters available for $23.50 for twelve ounce bottle.

3. Nurish Conditioning spray, a detangler and moisturizer enriched with vitamin E and aloe available for $23.50 for a twelve ounce bottle. 

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